Supply Chain Excellence

Jun 22, 2021

KIND PRECISION Works' success is founded on the success of our customers.

As a reliable supplier that can be trusted to meet our commitments, KIND PRECISION Works provides customers with a single point of contact, helping reduce risk to your budget and delivery schedule.

Our customers rely on KIND PRECISION Works to:

● Provide detailed, accurate and timely quotations;

● Perform a detailed review of all stated and implicit customer purchase requirements and quickly acknowledge new and revised orders;

● Promptly communicate any problems or process change requests and work closely with customers until they are resolved;

● Maintain flexibility in accommodating requested lead times, and delivering parts on time;

● Assure product quality and conformance (so our customer's inspectors don't have to!);

● Certify all processes and materials, including providing documented records of inspection and conformance in accordance with all customer, legislative, and regulatory requirements.

At KIND PRECISION we ensure perfect quality, every time, even for the most complex or high tolerance work. In addition to our commitment to uphold and continually improve our robust ISO9001 & ISO14001& ISO13485 certified Quality Management System, this is accomplished by:

● Continually improving tooling, fixtures, and functional gages;

● Investing in state-of-the-art equipment for improved precision, accuracy, programmability and speed;

● Acquiring only the highest quality raw metals and production materials;

● Sourcing only from qualified and approved vendors with full traceability and documented records of conformance.

Supply Chain Excellence